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Normandy Tourist Information Guide

Normandy is a land of rich cuisine with many delicious specialities to sample, including Camembert cheese and Calvados brandy. The area’s beautiful countryside is dotted with orchards and typical Norman farmhouses. Historians will enjoy exploring the D-Day landing sites. Eurocamp Independent's guide to Normandy Tourist Information includes links to the best campsites in the area, with details on Normandy tourist attractions and sightseeing suggestions to make the most of your holiday experience.

Eating out in Normandy

While you are in Normandy, try the rich dairy produce on offer including highly prized Normandy butter, and sumptuous cheeses including Camembert and Pont l’Evêque. Also recommended is lamb from Mont St Michel, duck from Rouen and poultry from Loué. The fertile fields of this region make for some of the best meat in France. The world-renowned omelettes at La Mère Poulard on Mont St Michel are made to a recipe unchanged since 1888.

The local Cuisine - Many of the region’s popular dishes feature champagne in their ingredients. Its famous cheese is ‘Chaource’ which is creamy and mild. Macaroon type biscuits that are traditionally eaten with sweet champagnes.

Picardy Beer features very strongly in dishes such as ‘Boeuf Carbonade’. To round off the meal, try ‘Maroilles’, the king of local cheeses.

Normandy is particularly well-known for its cheeses, cider, seafood and calvados. Thick cream and fresh butter from local farms are widely used as the base for many sauces which accompany regional meat, poultry and fish.

Normandy Sightseeing and Culture

Must see locations and information for tourists visiting Normandy:

The picturesque fishing port of Honfleur has a wide range of restaurants and arts & crafts shops. See the many pavement artists at work around the harbour.

This is a charming medieval town, miraculously spared by World War 2 bombings. Be sure to visit the beautiful gothic cathedral and of course, the famous 900 year old tapestry.

D-Day Beaches
Here you are close to all the famous Normandy Landing sites of the 2nd World War including Arromanches and Omaha beaches.

How to get to Normandy

Take a short morning crossing to Calais with a drive of around 5 or 6 hours.  Or cross to Cherbourg or Caen to arrive right in the heart of Normandy.

Campsites in Normandy