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Riviera Tourist Information

With its golden sands, azure blue sea and glittering coastline, the Rivera has a unique magnetism that can be found in no other region of France. Here you’ll find a wealth of fashionable resorts, each one boasting a selection of pavement cafés as well as marinas full of luxury yachts. While you are on the Riviera, try the thousands of scents on offer in the town of Grasse, capital of the world’s perfume industry. Riviera Tourist Information guide from Eurocamp Independent includes fantastic campsites with busting activities and a vast amount of Riviera sightseeing locations for the ideal touring holiday experience.

Eating out in Riviera & Provence

The best-known dishes include ‘ratatouille’, ‘socca’ (a pancake made from chickpea flour), and ‘pissaladière’ (an onion flan garnished with anchovies and black olives). Garlic is a very important part of Provençal cooking. For dessert, savour the delights of ‘gâteau tropézien’ a rich cake filled with custard and topped with coarse sugar.

Toulouse is famous for its Bouillabaisse, a hearty fish soup, or you'll find the authentic Salade Niçoise from Nice on many restaurant menus.

Riviera & Provence Sightseeing and Culture

Must see locations and information for tourists visiting Riviera:

St Tropez
Once a peaceful little fishing village, St Tropez is now a sophisticated resort, where luxury yachts far outnumber the fishing boats. The narrow streets are packed with smart cafés and pavement artists. You can also view the Matisse paintings in the Musée de l’Annonciade.

Monaco consists primarily of the old, picturesque town of Monaco and the great, legendary gambling arena of Monte-Carlo. The famous Grand Prix is in May and during July and August there are magnificent firework displays most Friday evenings.

Port Grimaud
This lively resort west of St Tropez is also known as ‘Little Venice’. Wander through the maze of narrow streets and the piazzas and canals, which are lined with lively cafés.

The capital of the region has a wealth of museums, art galleries and majestic buildings on offer. Warm summer evenings must, without doubt, be spent soaking up the atmosphere along the world famous sea front, the ‘Promenade des Anglais’.

How to get there

Take a short crossing to Calais with a drive of around 13 to 14 hours.  An overnight stop is recommended.

Campsites around Riviera