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Rome Tourist Information

Rome - One of the world’s greatest classical cities. A city so rich in art, monuments and exquisite views. A wonderfull city filled with magnificent architecture throughout. As a historic place it is special and as a contemporary European capital it is completely unique.

Peak season is in spring and autumn with tourists flooding in around Easter through to October. Winters are usually mild with fewer tourists and some fun events around the Christmas period. Eurocamp Independent's guide to Rome Tourist Information includes links to the best campsites near Rome, with details of Rome's tourist attractions and sightseeing suggestions to make the most of your holiday experience.

Transportation and traveling around Rome

The best way to get to know Rome is on foot - traffic is restricted in much of the city. If you go by car, it is probably best to park outside the centre and then use the cheap public transport - there is an excellent underground. There are car park facilities in the city, but these tend to be very expensive.

Alternatively, the Turin-Rome Express is a good choice for customers travelling from Cécina or Grosseto. You are advised to check that the train stops at the Roma Termini (Central) as this is the most convenient station for the main attractions.

Cuisine in Rome

When in Rome.... tuck into any dish that is "alla Romano" to enjoy the bursting flavours of oil, garlic & mint. And it would be virtually impossible to spend time in Italy without setting foot in a local pizzeria; Pizza Romana is served thin and crispy style.

Another dish originating from Rome is the tasty Spaghetti alla Carbonara, cooked with little pieces of bacon and creamy egg.

Rome Sightseeing and interests

Must see locations and information for tourists visiting Rome:

In years gone by, the classic entry into the Eternal City was said to be via the large Piazza del Popolo, a lively square at the start of the Via del Corso, Rome’s main shopping street.

To the west of the Corso is the Pantheon, an ancient and perfectly preserved building which has survived since 27 B.C. Nearby, the splendid Piazza Navona, dominated by Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers, is home to many pavement artists and craftsmen.

On the eastern side of the city the famous Spanish Steps lead up from the delightful Piazza di Spagna, meeting place for tourists and natives alike. There are very good views of the city from the top of the steps. Make a wish in the spectacular Trevi Fountain which has collected hundreds of coins from hopeful visitors over the years.

Explore the Vatican City and be impressed at Bernini’s awe-inspiring piazza, with its magnificent wings, and the majestic church beyond. Michelangelo’s colourful dome, the many museums and catacombs, the beautiful Vatican gardens and the magnificient Colosseum will not be easily forgotten.

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